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Unpopular Disclose Records - it`s not just a label, it means community, friendship, manifoldness and a lot of fun! That also means that the music styles are not restricted to a certain type of music. Our bands play the whole program of Rock`n Roll, Streetpunk, Melodycore, Skapunk, Punk`n Roll up to New School Hardcore, also influences of metal and other music styles can be found.

It is important for us, that we like the music of our bands. The personal contact to the bandmembers is as important as coherence and to stay natural!

Beside our label activities, Unpopular Disclose is a Booking- and Management Agency. We are working together with Bands from Europe and Brazil. See the band section for detailled information about our acts.

Here are the members of the UDR Crew:

  Björn "Soup" Supplie
El Chefe
Booking / Management / Promotion / A&R
Email : soup@punklabel.com
  Michael "Mic" Heinrich
Soup`s little helper
Booking / Distribution / Promotion
Email : mic@punklabel.com
  Sebastian "Seppo" Kötz
left and right hand of the devil
Releases / Distribution / Press
Email : sebastian@punklabel.com

Next to those guys, Unpopular Disclose has got a lot of volunteers who help us spreading our music to the people. Special Thanks to these guys
(you know who you are).


Special Thanks goes out to David "Touchy" Taczyk who was one of the founders of the Label. He still support the Label and is responsible for a lot of cool shows, events and evenings with beer in front of a festival timetable. Thumbs up!