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Haven't Seen All Yet


release year: 2004
format: cd-r
tracks: 13
price: sold out

Demo Album der Brainbombs. 13 powergeladene Punkrock Tracks. Eigenaufnahmen in Demoqualität. Ein absolutes must-have!

  01.  Intro
  02.  Good Advice
  03.  Rock 'n Roll The Street
  04.  Entertainin' The Italian
  05.  Bottom Of The Bottle
  06.  American Tragedy X
  07.  Gimme Some Head
  08.  The Good, The Bad And The Unknown Guy
  09.  Life Is The Best Cynic
  10.  Sourpuss
  11.  Heading For
  12.  Xploding Brainbombs
  13.  Soul Of A Radical