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release year: 2003
format: cd-r
tracks: 14
price: sold out

Demo Album von Attention Deficit Disorder noch in alter Besetzung, Low Budget Produktion, mit Eigenaufnahmen in guter Qualität.Streetpunk der Extraklasse!!!

  01.  2002
  02.  Going With The Mass
  03.  Attitude
  04.  Last Chance
  05.  Scheiss Ska-Lied
  06.  That's My Way
  07.  Call Uppon People To Resist
  08.  Fucked Up World
  09.  For The Non-Breathing Mayority
  10.  Straight Edge Means Your Life Sucks!
  11.  Fuck Reality
  12.  Yeah! My Life's Cooler Than Yours
  13.  Fat Tim
  14.  Bonus Track