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The Great Sacrifice

UDR 009

release year: 2006
format: cd
tracks: 10
price: 9

After almost 2 years, PITFALL are back on the map with their debut full-length album!
All of you who think that this band was good at the time they released their Ep “Our Love For Oppression” definitely have to check out this 10 song-killerpiece! More melodies… mind-slicing vocals… striking sing-alongs… and a rhythm section that breaks everything down to pieces!
Next to the higher technical level and a more focused and coherent songwriting, the band spent some time to develop their own lyrical approach – and never thought about copying any genre standards.
All of you who like listening to bands with a sound that is more than just a copy of metal and hardcore standards should check out this album. And don’t miss these guys destroying a club near you!

  01. Praeludium
  02. The Great Sacrifice
  03. Your Noise
  04. Lights Of Blindness
  05. Sacra Pagina
  06. Paracite Solution
  07. 30 Seconds Of Love
  08. Paralized
  09. Gutter
  10. Perfect Machinery