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PITFALL plays a direct, unpolished style of Hardcore with metal- influences, always energetic and full of punch, but they never loose a certain feeling for arrangement and melody. Next to others, the music- press recognized the quality of Pitfall `s music: Germany has a tradition when it comes to metalcore. Think of bands like Copykill, The Platoon, Drift and of course Caliban. Well, guess what: there is another band to add to this list. (Inside Knowledge) Variety and Innovation are trademarks which have been developed while they played a lot of shows and while they improved their skills, but they never lost their direction. Geboten wird hier knallharter Hardcore zusammengesetzt aus den verschiedensten Stilen (Scarred For Life) Pitfall wissen auf ihrem Debt- Album vor allem durch eins zu bestechen: Vielseitigkeit Erfrischend! (Slam- Zine) Lyrically, these five guys from Heinsberg focus on their personal experiences, but it is easy to find your way through their lyrics into more general topics. You definitely get aware that you listen to a band who deals with their environment and is able to criticise this society with all it `s diseases.

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  "The Great Sacrifice" LP, 2006, Unpopular Disclose Records
"Our Love For Oppression" EP, 2004, Unpopular Disclose Records
"Pitfall" Demo, 2003, Unpopular Disclose Records
  The Great Sacrifice mp3 taken from "The Great Sacrifice" LP
Sacra Pagina mp3 taken from "The Great Sacrifice" LP
Masquerade Of Hate Video for "Our Love For Oppression" EP
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