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"...kilometerweit" (german vor "ongoing for miles"), is the final word of the hookline of "Blickes Fang". Metaphorically, it can be held as the summary or concluding point of the struggle on their way to their new album "Idee:Mensch". They walked their path to the end, with a lot of dedication, sweat and more than impressing results.
"Idee:Mensch" is a roaring example for a band..s release that shows uniqueness, songwriting straight to the point and the fact, that you can still be innovative in the Screamo/Indie/Punkrock segment. If you really want.

German Bio:
„...kilometerweit!“, die auf dieses Wort sich zuspitzende Hookline von „Blickes Fang“, steht metaphorisch für den mühsamen, aber konsequent zu Ende gegangenen Weg, den LONGING FOR TOMORROW mit ihrem neuen Album „Idee:Mensch“ nun endlich und eindrucksvoll abschließen.
Mit „Idee:Mensch“ statuieren LONGING FOR TOMORROW ein Exempel in Sachen Eigenständigkeit sowie präzisem Songwriting und zeigen, dass im Bereich Screamo/Punkrock/Indie noch lange nicht alles gesagt sein muss!

Short Bio:
2003 : foundation of the band
2006 : release of the first album           «Structure From Clutter»
2006 : release of the 2nd album
          «Beauty For The Blinded Eyes »
2007 : Music video to «Elaine »
           massive live presence and 3            longer tours over 200 played            shows (clubs / festivals)
2008 : recording of the third album
2009 : new release "Idee:Mensch"
2009 : Brazil-Tour




"Idee: Mensch" CD +LP, March 2009, Unpopular Disclose Records
"Beauty For The Blinded Eyes" CD, Oct. 2006, Unpopular Disclose Rec.
"Structure From Clutter" CD, March 2006, Unpopular Disclose Rec.

  Crisis mp3 taken from "Beauty For The Blinded Eyes" LP
Elaine mp3 taken from "Beauty For The Blinded Eyes" LP
Another Image For The Gallery mp3 taken from "Structure From Clutter" LP
Episodes mp3 taken from "Structure From Clutter" LP
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