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About First of all, In Use is a band that finds its roots in good ol` punkrock. Over the years, we discovered rock`n`roll as the basis for our further creative work, mixed with a little surf- sound to keep up the variety. According to the motto straight and clear, we close the circle to punkrock. We endeavour to put our thoughts, emotions and our attitude to Rock`n`Fuckin`Roll!
The Band was founded in the late 90s by Hanno (guitar), Bernhard (drums) and Kai (guitar). Furthermore, there was a singer, but he decided to quit the band quickly and so he doesn`t need to be mentioned by name. Kai took his part, and the first few songs developed without a steady bassist. Stefan joined the band two years later and during the following years, we recorded two demos and tried to play as many shows as possible. All this happened in company with our label Unpopular Disclose Records.
And that`s also about the time when rock`n`roll started to rate higher and higher in our repertoire. During spring 2003 we had a bit of a crisis, but we were able to tackle it. As a consequence, Hanno had to quit the band. From that time on, we continued as a trio for nearly three years. Due to personal reasons, Stefan decided to quit In Use after recording our D.I.Y.-album. Kai and Bernhard started their dragnet operation to find themselves a new bassist (Merlin) and finally, a second guitarist (Alex) again. Due to his engagement in his other band Pitfall, Merlin decided to leave the band just a few months later and now Sebastian has taken over the part of being our bassist. And that`s why we are what we are now: In Use!

Are you ready to Rock'n'Roll?

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  Go To Hell mp3 taken from "Rock 'n' Roll Kid" Demo