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Asking 100 people what their definiton of punkrock was, you'd get 100 different answers. Asking those 100 people if D-Fame play punkrock, you'd probably get one answer.

This is what D-Fame would answer: "F***, who cares?".

As "punkrock" as guys with cars, jobs and cellphones can get, they're OK with the cliche: Fast drums, catchy guitars, melodic vocals, powerful brass section. Ready to be categorized and matched with other bands, but feeling like home in their category.

"Maybe we're not reinventing music, but we're definitely convinced of the way we play it."

To put it simple: "Melody-SKAte-Core" from Aachen, Germany, estd. 1999.

D-Fame are:
Oli - vocals + guitar
Rob - drums + vocals
Chris - guitar + vocals
Tom - bass
Guido - trumpet + vocals
Markus - trombone + vocals


  "Happy Hour" EP, 2003, Unpopular Disclose Records
"Amazing Daze" Demo, 2001, Unpopular Disclose Records
  The Slightest Sign mp3 taken from "Happy Hour" EP
Holiday Experience mp3 taken from "Amazing Daze" Demo