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Callejón (Spanish for dead end street) are five guys from Düsseldorf. Fullstop. Neither born to live nor to die; because the definition of beginning and ending is uncertain. We’re just here trying to turn out the best from all of this… For a bit more than two years we’re making music our hearts tell us to call scrEaMO-metal. Our output is a strong and emotional sound striking straight forward and pressing you against the wall. Our attempt never to stand still or to be trapped in a dead end is the fuel to our engines, we’re constantly exploring new ways of musical expression trying to create a fresh sound without any rip-offs. Some say ‘sounds like metalcore’, for others it is screamo and the guy next door would probably say it was something totally different. The reason for this is surely not that Callejón were not able or willing to decide for one style, they just have their very own one. Most of the lyrics are in German for this way is the most immediate to unfold our thoughts and feelings. Furthermore the lyrical aspect is and always was an existentially important part of Callejón. Playing live on stage we go to the limits, getting in contact with the audience, letting them feel the music we love. Directly and free of shittalking! We’re not more than five friends expressing what they feel, hate and love – and deadsure we’re not less than that...


  "Willkommen Im Beerdigungscafé" LP, 2006, My Favourite Toy
"Chronos EP" EP, 2005, My Favourite Toy
"Demo 2003" Demo, 2003, self released
  Es Regnet mp3 taken from "Willkommen Im Beerdigungscafé" LP
Egosozial mp3 taken from "Chronos EP" EP
Astronaut mp3 taken from "Chronos EP" EP
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